Sunday, January 24, 2010

A helping hand.

Just a warning, this is going to be a short rant.  You may not agree, which is fine with me.  This is just my view and opinion.

I have been overloaded with stores and mailings wanting me to donate to help aid Haiti.  This doesn't mean I am unfeeling.  It just means I am overwhelmed by being asked to give each time I turn around.  Sometimes getting a nasty look when I decline.  Sorry lady I can not give each and every time I am asked.  No one could. 

That is not what is annoying me though.

My problem is with a recent angry backlash I have been encoutering in regards to the televised benefit for Haiti.  People posting nasty statuses on social networks or getting into angry conversations about helping Haiti when we as a country are in need of help also.  So here is my rant.

Yeah yeah yeah...  So... You have noticed that we have homeless people on the streets of the USA.  You have noticed that we have Veterans who need our help right here in the USA.  You have noticed we have elderly people who need assitance right here in the USA.  You have noticed we have children who don't have enough to eat daily right here in the good old USA.

But you didn't see a sign, a collection can or a TV show telling you to help them. Right?

You only saw a sign, a collection can and TV show telling yo to help Haiti.  Right?

So of course Haiti is the only place you can give your help.  Right? 


Wake up!!

You don't need a TV show to make you give assistance where it is needed.

Give help where you want to.  Don't wait for a telethon or benefit.  If you see a problem, help.  If it touches you, help.  If it effects you, help. 

If you don't have money to give, give your time. 

You don't have to help anyone and no one has to help us. 

So what if Haiti doesn't put on a televised benefit for us.  SO WHAT

Do you really expect to get something each and every time you give something?  If so you are missing the entire point of giving.

Quit complaining and DO something.


Anonymous said...

Well said!

Just Kate said...

A most excellent rant, my friend! I absolutely agree with you. It seems to me that some people will always be talking about helping others - who we should and shouldn't help - what is and isn't a worthy cause - but will never actually DO anything to help personally, regardless of the circumstance or cause. They simply enjoy the process of debate, and why not? The fact that they're engaging the debate implies that they ARE INVOLVED even when they're not.

I realize that's a rather cynical viewpoint but I believe it's a fair one.

"Quit complaining and DO something." I happily echo that sentiment, my friend.

Chickee said...

Thanks Ruby =) I thought so too. LoL

Kate, That is what got me going. I just couldn't stand it anymore. I even had some people try to justify not doing anything because "the organizations are corrupt and stealing the money donated". My response was, so don't give money, give time or something like food or clothing or shovel sidewalks. Argh! I get so mad. LoL

Tyhanks to you both for reading. =)

Gary McCall said...

Well said! I have been "deleting" FB friends who post that stupid cut/paste complaining about the donations to Haiti.

Colleen Breuning said...

You're soooo right! I'm not at all opposed to giving to Haiti or any other people in this word who are in need, for that matter. But we all have our limitations. I try to do what I can, but I am not perfect NOR rich, lol.

Yes, for the record I did send a check to my daughter's school - they began a collection a few days after the tragedy. It truly did move me. But there are always going to be those people who want to debate these matters, as Kate said. Everyone just needs to open up their eyes and their hearts and give of themselves to what matters! And that can certainly should include our own communities, as well as Haiti.

Well said, girl....xoxo

Chickee said...

oh Gary its nice to see you here. I wouldn't delete anyone for posting that stuff. I just asked a few to read this. So maybe they could see my opinion. =)

Hi Colleen I agree with you here. I give when I feel like it. I don't do it because its expected. if I care about something I try to do something about it. I will admit I wasn't always like this but I have mnded my ways by realizing if I want something to change I have to begin to make the change myself.

ghosterb said...

Rant on Chickee! I agree with you a 100%!!!
Very well said my friend.

Chickee said...

Thank you Bruce. =)