Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Expectations GBE2

Expectations... I expected this blog to be easy. I expected to be a rockstar. I expected to live in a big house with four kids and a fabulous husband that doted on me. I expected to live the life of my dreams. I expected..... Well I guess expecting something is kind of like assuming something. You know what they say about that don't cha? Nooooo! Not that one. I would never say that about you! hehehe!! They say to not count your chickens before they hatch. In other words, even though you have seven eggs it's not a sure thing that you will end up with seven chickens from those eggs. You see, you might get hungry along the way and next thing you know... over easy with a dash of tobasco. Yum.

Okay now I'm going to get deep. Not too deep. Afterall I have just met a few of you and don't want you to expect that my blogs are always deep. *wink*

Anyway. Having expectations is great. But if you don't back up those expectations with actions, it's kind of like... ummm... dreaming of winning the lottery but never buying a ticket. You may never win the lottery but by damned you have a better chance than the guy who didn't buy a ticket!

In my life I have found only one expectation that seems to always come to pass. The expectation of change. Even when stuck in a rut something will change. We can either fight it or embrace it. I expect to always embrace change but we all know what they say about that, don't we.

^v^ chickee